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Mad Chemist Brand

This is our identity and how we want the world to see us. It is the face that defines our passion. Delivering our promise of: Blending Science and Solutions To Everyday Problems

Sourcing & Developing

Have you encountered a problem you wanted to fix? Give us your insight and together, we’ll team up to help you develop a product that can change the world (or maybe just that problem, but hey, that’s great too). We’ve got access to the best ingredients in the world. Give us your problems, we’ll give you solutions.

Private Labeling

We have the capabilities of filling all sorts of containers between the quarts, gallons, and 5-Gallon containers. We’re able to fill liquids to highly viscous formulations. We’ve also got the ability to print fully customizable labels in house. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re ready to handle the work and make your dream a reality.